European Transport Opportunities

Hitch Hiking

The official cheapest way to get from point A to point B. Primarily used by those traveling alone or in small groups of 2 or 3(suggested). Many of the European nations look at hitch hiking much more differently than here in America. Asking for a ride from a complete stranger can be scary, but chances of running into psychotic maniac named Jason is slim to none.

PS. Your best chance to minimizing your wait time is having a girl along with you. Works every time.


This has to be the best way to travel with freedom and on your own terms. From personal experience, a Eurorail or Eurostar(if from the European Union) is a great way to experience the Europe for many reasons. If you have some cash on hand to buy in bulk, purchasing a pass that gives you enough days to travel during your excursion will give you the freedom to choose when you leave and where you would like to travel. If your like me and super spontaneous, this may be the best route for you! It may not be the cheapest route for a short-term trip, but travel by train is perfect for an extended stays. Another important factor is the fact that most train stations are situated next to many major cities for easy departure and entrance. Make sure to plan your trip ahead of time in relation to the amount of days you have on your pass to make sure you milk your pass for what it’s worth!!! Also, on much of the trains for use, there is a small reservation fee that may apply and you should take that into consideration with the cost. Check out their sites below!


Don’t let this fool you, there is a way to do this correctly, even if it’s not with your current co-workers. Travelling Europe couldn’t be any easier and now you have the chance to save the Earth from CO2 and some cash! Here are some  great websites to reference:

RyanAir & Easyjet

Flying never got cheaper! These low fare airlines give you the opportunity to travel the skies and reach your destination in two shakes of a lambs tail! In order to find the best deals and reach the right destination, you will have to navigate through their websites and prepare correctly.


If you take advantage of the great deals in advance, you will save loads of money! Planning ahead with Easyjet is a priority and their website is user-friendly and easily manageable. If you can the extra cash to fly, then try them out and enjoy the luxury compared to RyanAir!!!


The cheapest and most hectic airline in Europe. Their cheap for a reason, but if you travel lightly, follow all the rules and regulations, you can limit the headache and hassle. Your allowed on small carry-on bag( they charge an enormous amount for another bag) and make sure to PRINT OFF your border pass before hand because they will charge you a lot for that as well. It’s their way to lower cost and continue to be the cheapest airline. Lines are long and the airports are usually located outside of city limits or another small city close by. For example, I flew into Sweden from Paris for 18 euros!!! But I was dropped 45 minutes outside of town in a small town and forced to go by train the rest of the way. So, make sure you  take into consideration the travel from the airport to where your trying to go. Flying is great and both Easyjet and RyanAir are great options, but do your research and plan your trip according to your needs.

I hope this helps!

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